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Electronic weapons and gang stalking are technology and methods violating human rights in horrible ways. Only by a complete ban on the use of electronic weapons and a strict observance of that, it is possible to save democracy (or what is left of it). To achieve this electronic weapons and gang stalking must be taken out of secrecy and openness and transparency is necessary - Peter Mooring
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[Published: September 4, 2010]

When you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment/electronic torture

I get many questions from victims asking me how to deal with gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment / electronic torture. Unfortunately in many cases you cannot make it go away. Below I try to summarize how I deal with it. This probably is not the best way but it is a way. I am still here.

  1. How to deal with gang stalking in general?
  2. How to deal with synchronized events?
  3. How to deal with mind control?
  4. How to deal with mind reading?
  5. How to deal with electronic harassment / electronic torture?
  1. Question: How to deal with gang stalking in general?
    Answer: Keep acting normal, try to continu your life and do not run away.

    For me, the thing that has the most effect on me is the fact that so many people can so easily be trapped into your harassment. They are set up to commit crimes. Also children are involved, the attackers just don't care. This all makes me sad. My defense is to keep acting like a normal person, but also showing them that I know. How do I let them know? I started a foundation STOPEG, I have a sign of STOPEG with on it a URL, on my window, I have a website and shirt with my name on it (so random people will know I am a real person, they can google me on the internet). And I sometimes say the following sentences:

    • 'If it is a coincidence that you are here at this moment (e.g. on a corner of a street) then there is no problem, but if this is not a coincedence, then you participate in a crime and you are a criminal'
    • 'When you co-operate with murderers, you will become a murderer'

  2. Question: How to deal with synchronized events?
    Answer: Respond randomly or not at all.

    If you know an event is created for you, e.g. phone call number 10 when you are on the toilet, then do not respond immediatly. React random, sometimes after minutes, sometimes after hours, sometimes after days, sometimes skip your reaction completely. It's quite normal for persons contacting you that you do not pick up your phone every time immediately.

  3. Question: How to deal with mind control?
    Answer: Think why you are acting the way you do and randomly change the sequence or delay the way you act.

    In general your attackers want you to do certain things at certain moments. If you believe you are subjected to mind control (thoughts planted, feel the irrational need to do certain things) then try to act random (See also synchronized events). You may even want to use a dice to delay things you want to do (number 3 is delay 3 minutes etc.). You may also want to change the order in which you do your thing. The key here is to create extra awareness about what you are doing during a day. This is not so bad. Many people do this or try to do this.

  4. Question: How to deal with mind reading?
    Answer: Maximize your thoughts, think of everything you can and be sure to insert thoughts to keep your attackers busy.

    Try to have a continous flow of thoughts about anything you can think of. If you look at a book on your table then think about it (the best way is to talk to yourself without words very clearly), nice color, authors name looks like Blair, geez, title is day of confession, yup, too much for me, etc., etc. in fact any thought is ok, the best are of course thoughts that will trigger your attackers. When your are a man look at a woman and think (talk to yourself) things like nice ass, pink hair, what a beauty, I want her, etc., etc. When your are going to a store to get your groceries then think (talk to yourself) of everything, meat, milk, you name it, or only think of barbeque, sausages, sateh, chicken, beef, etc. etc. When walking on the street think (talk to yourself) of the houses, look inside, comment on anything, not because you have an opinion but just to maximize your thoughts. Also exercise yourself in talking to yourself different letters or numbers wor words on certain occasions. When typing your password e.g. think of (talk to yourself without words) A, B, C, .... This may seem difficult in the beginning but you can do it. In addition there is one other way I call multi-level thinking. I will write about this some time in future.

  5. Question: How to deal with electronic harassment / electronic torture?
    Answer: Withstand the pain and do not run away.

    This can be very difficult because your attackers will do everything to eliminate you. The physical damage to your body caused by directed energy weapons (laser weapons, microwave weapons) can be severe and extremely painful (you may experience maximum pain). They can and will cook your body in such a way you will fall on the ground and/or have intense unbearable pains like a blind gut attack. You may feel you will die. Of course you must run if you do not want this, you yourself are the best judge. But remember that in most cases your attackers will follow you all over your country, and probably also in other countries. They just want you dead (and don't care if they murder you physically or mentally). But they also do not want a mess, the longer you live your life at your location, the more desperate your attackers get.

Concluding remark

Of course the above has nothing to do with living a life a normal person does. But acting as described can give you the feeling that you are alive, you are living your life, your attackers are nothing but murderers, child abusers, pedophiles, just pieces of shit with miserable lives, stuffing themselves from the people they murder, parasites, trying to prevent the exposure of their horrible crimes. I know, I have not one good word for these psychopaths. They commit crimes with cruelties never seen in history before, and they involve children because they are sick and disturbed. If you are a victim you are a better person than all of them together!

Take care,

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